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We use various models to…

identify resources in a community, match resources to communities through stakeholder participation, devise/advise on potential joint ventures/collaborations between and among community stakeholders.

This includes our preferred proprietary CommunityBuild® model.

The CommunityBuild® Model

The CommunityBuild® Model, one of our preferred tools, generates a history of a community’s indicators, e.g., health, economic, and education, which enables stakeholders to understand the causes of entrenched social problems. It gauges the community’s current state and delivers qualitative and quantitative metrics like employment rates, access to bank loans, and education levels. The model also assesses community resources, such as nonprofits, and collects crowdsourced ideas from the community itself around its needs. The model’s output allows stakeholders to maximize investments. This model is one of our most exciting tools, because we built it ourselves, and it performs well at making our connections work for our clients.

The HealthWealth® Platform

The HealthWealth® Platform fits our policy outlook, because it evaluates the role of health indicators on community wealth creation. The platform devises plans to address such indicators, whose importance became clear in the covid-19 pandemic, through small business and other stakeholder involvement. Additionally, the HealthWealth® Platform equips community- and faith- based organizations, nonprofits, corporations, and government entities with tools—e.g., health coaching, digital health technology, and community briefing letters—to improve community health.

It can take a lot of resources to build a great business that has a community focus. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.