Finding workable, long-term solutions for Our Communities

“I’d been waiting my entire professional life for this social movement.” – Earl Brown, Co-founder

“…raised consciousness, even when combined with open pockets, does not guarantee workable, long-term solutions.”

In spring 2020, as Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality swept the nation, OCM co-founder and managing member Earl Brown felt a new urgency to address centuries of racial injustice. Raised in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, housing project by a single mother, with his father incarcerated for all of his youth, Earl Brown eventually left and obtained his MA, JD and MBA. He soon had a career on Wall Street in private equity & alternative investments, but never forgot life in a community beset by the effects of systemic racism.

Our Mission

Consciousness of injustice was at an all-time high during the protests, but raised consciousness, even when combined with open pockets, does not guarantee workable, long-term solutions. Set on finding such solutions, he recruited a team of advisors, prioritizing women from the executive levels of banking, real estate, and medicine. The advisors understood the depth and breadth of systemic racism and had solid connections with and knowledge of Black and Latinx low-income communities. From their discussions, OCM was born.

OCM ignites seismic shifts in historically marginalized Black and Latinx communities by cultivating high-impact entrepreneurial ventures with an aim toward community development and intergenerational wealth creation. OCM fosters radically inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystems for Black-, Latinx- and women-owned small businesses through the creation of high-impact stakeholder networks, practical metrics and methods to analyze and evaluate community impact, and the provision of superior business, legal and financial advisory services.

The meaning of OCM

As Earl Brown consulted with his fellow founders, partners, and community, about starting this much needed venture, he was deeply inspired by the principle of “Our Communities Matter”. The company name is meant to decisively reflect a deep commitment to that principle as core to the advisory’s mission. Yet, he wisely determined that no one company can own this idea. OCM Advisory hopes others will also be inspired and feel a sense of shared ownership in this community-wide movement to uplift our communities.

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