PPP Loan Application Guidance

PPP Loans can be critical to the survival of so many small businesses in our communities during the COIVD 19 pandemic.

Knowledgeable business and legal guidance could make all the difference in the PPP loan application process.

Here’s why you should ask for help

Applying for SBA loans, and other forms of aid from governmental agencies, can be a daunting task, particularly with so many other challenges facing minority-owned and women-owned businesses. PPP (Payment Protection Program) loans have specific sets of regulations for gaining various loan amounts and applying for PPP Loan forgiveness. Following these steps closely can make all the difference in determining your level of qualification. During the first round of PPP Loans, OCM Advisory assisted its clients in securing loans ranging from $5k to $100k, and in census tract zones where denial rates were disproportionately high.

Allow us to help you in applying for and receiving the maximum amounts your business is eligible to receive. We can manage the process, as well as aid in applying for loan forgiveness. If you or someone you know is considering applying for a loan, contact us for loan application guidance.