Case studies of Potential Ideal Clients

Case studies of our ideal Clients

Helping Philanthropists To Give More Effectively

A collection of philanthropically minded professionals wants to invest in small business development in Black and brown communities and meets with OCM. OCM sets up the investment entity, structuring money contribution and distribution, integrating tax-planning strategies, and ensuring transaction efficiency. With the entity set up, OCM employs the CommunityBuild Model to determine the best investment for the community and for the professionals.

One of the community’s nonprofits works with local entrepreneurs and has an attractive proposal. It’s for a small farm-to-table vegan restaurant run by a Black woman whose family has strong roots in a neighborhood currently inundated with chain restaurants. The investment will not only create jobs, but will also provide fresh, nutritious food, a health benefit that will help lower rates of heart disease and diabetes in the community. The philanthropically minded professionals invest in the restaurant.

Supporting Minority-Lead Real Estate Development Projects

A Black-owned real estate residential construction company in Rhode Island experiences rapid growth. They need someone to manage their day-to-day operations and come to OCM. OCM draws on its network and matches the construction company with a Black-owned real estate management company based in Montclair, New Jersey, but formed in Rhode Island. OCM facilitates the joint venture by structuring the relationship, handling tax issues and the legal rights of a passive partner.

The construction company is now freed up to focus on maximizing growth in their area of expertise. Its restructuring means that it will now be easier to create intergenerational wealth in the event of either owner’s passing. The real estate management company has a new, valuable client. Both companies forge new connections in new geographic areas, expanding their footprint.

Lending Our Expertise to Community-Minded Start-Ups

A former Wall Street banker contacts OCM to provide legal and business strategy advise on his fitness technology start-up, including intellectual property protections, negotiation of third-party agreements, and a profits interest plan for advisors and initial employees. In exchange for OCM’s services, OCM is compensated through the company’s profits interest plan, and secures the company’s commitment to provide fitness equipment and monetary support to a local, predominately of color, high school.